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My Story

I am a business owner of the top of the wedding industry (mobile wedding hairstylist - palliative care hairstyling and colouring ) I also have communication dislexia which makes me special needs.

I have a 12 year old, 2 year old and a 10 month old children and my husband is a shift worker (intensive care paramedic)

I just had my third baby and decided I need to be home Monday - Friday and need some thing else so i took up Scentsy. I didnt do much after i joined in March 2018... i was in that newborn stage every mother knows life is busy and crazy. I was still running my wedding business as well. However doing Scentsy was fun and exciting and a knew i wanted to help others to do scentsy too.

Today I am a lead consultant, with a great team under me and we are growing very quickly as people love selling scentsy in Australia. I would love to help you get your scentsy home business started as well.

My first consultant to go certified made me cry she is a single mum and things have been tough. However with her first pay day she could finally buy her little girl and great christmas gift. She called me to say thank u for talking her in to Scentsy so this has shown me Scentsy is about making people grow and improve our lives. Scentsy gives us loads of support to become great consultants - i love the supportive community, its like in the hair business.

I want to become a scentsy director to really make a difference and show everyone that special needs people can do anything they want in life. I am excited to help my team grow strong scentsy businesses, infact if they over take me in the end i will be happy for them as my whole joy in life is helping others.p

But this isnt about my story - what will yours be? why dont you contact me on the details below and find out how i can help you to become a scentsy consultant in Australia. let’s start your story with my team... you will love it and I promise. You are worth it...we all are.

Cheers missy

Ps: my goal is to prove special needs people can do any thing!!!

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